Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MartialLife.com interview with Sifu Garry Baniecki

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Martial Life.com interview with Sifu Garry Baniecki

Several months ago around June 2012, I was approached by Martial Life for an interview about my wing chun experience and especially about the altercation between William Cheung and Emin Bozepe, from 1987.

In my response, I have endeavoured to relate the truth as experienced and perceived by me.
I have the utmost respect and courtesy for William Cheung. I believe he is a Master's Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu and the wing chun community should be very grateful and honoured for Sigong William's contribution over the last 50 years.

The interview revolves around  the current state of wing chun kung fu.

Sifu Garry coaching prowess and involvement with wing chun tournaments and competition.

Competition includes National All Styles touch contact tournament with wing chun forms and weaponry. Full contact fighting, wing chun training methods and fitness conditioning.

My experiences in China and my interpretation on wing chun history and lineages.

My adventures in Heshan county and Gulao Village, the residence of Grand Master Fung Chun.

Sifu Garry has been involved with wing chun kung fu since 1985. Since then, Sifu Garry has committed himself to the Chinese martial arts on a full time basis.

Sifu Garry and his wife, Sifu Linda own and operate two full time wing chun schools, one in Abbotsford and the other in Greensborough, suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu Association teaches traditional wing chun kung fu, wing chun wooden dummy, chi sao, wing chun weapons, wing chun forms, medical qigong, shaolin hard qigong and tai chi.