Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Qigong Healing

This blog post will concentrate on my experiences with Qigong Master Shan Hui Xi when healing some very difficult problems.

I will relate my own experiences, firstly.
I walked into class one day and expressed to my teacher that I wanted light duties today, due to a very debilitating bout of the Flu. I mean, I was aching all over, my nose was running profusely, my sinuses were aching, I had and incessant cough and a nasty headache.

My Sifu answered by saying, “go down the back and lay on the massage table”
With that, an elderly Chinese person came down and proceeded to give me a very painful treatment, consisting of massaging with his elbow, standing on my back and inserting several needles into me. I was shown to do some breathing exercises afterwards and he finished by massaging my neck and head. When I walked out of the room, I think I floated down the hallway. I felt like I was in Heaven.

All my Flu symptoms had disappeared and I was back to normal again. WOW!
This was my first experience with a Qigong Master and Qigong Healing.
It would be approximately 10 years before I experienced my next ailment.

My wife Sifu Linda, complained of pain in her big toe and could hardly walk on it. So next time in class she saw the Qigong Master for a diagnosis. He stated that Linda had 3 big spurs on her big toe and may need an operation.
After 1 treatment by the Qigong Master, Linda still experienced some pain and only thought the worst.
On the Thursday, Linda had another treatment. This time the Qigong Master said to her that he would try a Buddhist Spell.

You wouldn’t believe it, but after the second treatment all the symptoms had completely disappeared.
The 3 bone spurs had gone and Linda functioned normally once again.

Sifu Lind and I spent nine years with Shan Hui Xi and in that time he taught us three Buddhist spells, Tuina Massage (deep tissue), Medical Qigong, breathing exercises and meditation, as well as Iron Shirt Qigong (muscle and tendon change).

Many would say this is hocus pocus, but I have personally experienced the power of qigong and have also used Buddhist spells to help people in dire need.

Once, when I was being treated for a damaged knee, the Master recited some calligraphy for about 15 minutes, while his hand was on my knee.

Out of curiosity, I asked him what he was doing and he quoted.
“I speak to my Sifu” and pointed to the Heavens.

By this he meant, he was calling upon his healing teaching to come and help him to heal his patient. In this case it was me.
I now understand that true healers are only intermediatarys and they call upon their personal spirit to help them. Thankyou Universe for this knowledge and insight to understanding.