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Happy New Year for 2018

The World is your Oyster!

Sifu Linda and I hope your New Year is full of prosperity and your resolutions come to fruition
Every New Year we make resolutions which inspire and give us hope for progress and change in our lives.
But, how many People actually have the constitution to adhere to their new found ideas.
The two most popular resolutions and the most unsuccessful ones appear to be.

Giving up smoking and starting a new exercise resume.
Sometimes People place too much pressure on success.

Progress, no matter how small is still a positive result.
Always start small and work your way up. This is much more successful than starting with big aspirations and becoming disappointed when one doesn't achieve their objectives within a certain time.
Giving up Cigarettes can be a very daunting task, because it is such an addictive habit and very detrimental to one's health and mortality.

If you are serious about it, before lighting up, break a bit of the end. You will find that you end up smoking less and less. Another beneficial habit is to recite negative affirmation while smoking, like, "yuk" "yuk" or "I hate this" "I hate this". Eventually, when you go Cold Turkey, it will be much, much, easier to achieve. This is how I gave up over 15 years ago.

In the Sixties, it was cool to smoke. It was a status sign of success. Plus, I don't think there was as many carcinogenics as there are in today's cigarettes.
There are also expensive Pharmaceuticals to help you to stop, which are very successful.
When one contemplates Exercise, one always tends to think of Gyms.

There are many different outlets for Exercise.

Martial Arts, in my opinion, is the best form of Exercise, especially Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Not all Wing Chun Systems are the same. The fundamental empty hand techniques are basically the same, but how they are employed varies greatly from one system to another and the emphasis on Fitness will be different as well.
Ultimately, all Wing Chun Kung Fu Systems are proficient.
In the Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun System, I place a huge emphasis on Fitness. This preference probably stems from being involved in Martial Arts Tournaments since 1995.

In our training resume, there are medicine ball drills, fit ball exercises with or without medicine balls, focus pad drills with punches and kicks, running, (the school is situated in a very hilly environment), sparring drills, wing chun drilling, dumb bell exercises, and much, much, more.
Getting back to our New Year's resolutions. 

Why do people start Martial Arts training and sometimes disappear very quickly.
There are a lot of reasons and many distractions in our fast paced society. A friend rings up and invites you out, or it is too hot today, or your Child suddenly gets sick or I'm too busy at present. The longer one stays away the harder it is to resume. Sometimes, we don't realize the commitment necessary to progress at an acceptable rate, so we can't be bothered anymore.  

If you decide on Martial Arts Training, prioritise your choice and make time and try to stick to it. You will be greatly rewarded in due time.

Wing Chun Training is very stimulating. It develops simultaneous coordination of the Limbs, activating both hemispheres of the Brain. You also learn how to not fight force against force. Also. there is a lot of balance training and core strength development, to name a few.

Apart from the psychological and physical benefits, one can also learn a very practical and effective form of Self Defence.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a way of life not just a self defence system. It will change your life forever.
When I started training in 1986, several friends started with me. Slowly but surely, they disappeared but I kept at it and 30 years later, I couldn't be any happier. I was lucky in life because I found a beautiful partner and wife that has the same passion as me, Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Make a New Year's Resolution to train Martial Arts, especially Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Please visit my web site and hopefully it will inspire you. Feel free to read Sifu Linda's and My Blog Posts.
Some words of encouragement!



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