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Roots of Wing Chun China Trip - Sifu Garry 3rd leg

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“Roots of Wing Chun” China Trip – Guangzhou

3rd Leg

Departing from the City of Zhengzhou was a blessing in disguise. The weather had been extremely cold; acceptable but gelid. Coming from Melbourne’s hot climate to Northern China’s winter climate was a bit of a contrast.
At last, we knew some warmer weather was around the corner.
Zhengzhou with a population of 13 million was an active City but very smoggy. Being in the “Country” one would expect a clearer, cleaner air, but not so.
The Shaolin Temple will be etched into my mind for ever. My spirit is there, now, forever.
We were all looking forward to arriving in Guangzhou, which was a 2.5 hour plane ride to Guangzhou Airport (formerly Canton), the capital of southern China, where the climate is much warmer.
Low and behold when we arrived at Guangzhou airport, it was raining, but still, much warmer!
Our Chartered Coach picked us up from the airport according to schedule. The Bus driver was waiting patiently for our group at the exit terminal. This was a huge weight of my mind. All these arrangements were made over the Net, so I did not see people personally to organize the trip.
We were scheduled to travel to Gulao Village to have dinner with GM Fung Chun, but due to his recent demise, I decided to cancel that leg of our trip. Instead, I organized a Ferry cruise along the infamous Pearl River of Canton.
The Pearl River was the water ways that the Red Boat Opera Troupe used to fight the Qing Soldiers, during the rebellions of the mid 1800’s.
What a trip to behold. The Ferries, the River walls, bridges and sky scrapers were all ornate with a magnificent array of coloured lights. This was an event I would recommend to anybody travelling to Guangzhou.
The next day we all visited Chimelong Safari Park. Wow!
The Chinese are so innovative. The open safari park is brilliant. The array of animals from all over the World, including Australia, did not leave anything to the imagination.
Then, there was the Jurassic Theme Park to walk through.
This was too magnificent to explain. Life like prehistoric full size monsters greeted us at every corner. The walk finished in a cavern with T Rex on one side and a Spineasaurus on the other. The Spineasaurus was the biggest Carnivore to ever exist, about 20 feet higher than the Rex.
The Pandas, white tigers, elephants, hippos, sam tucans, bears, lions, giraffes, apes, and so much more. You have to see it to believe it!
After visiting Chimelong Safari Park, our Coach driver – two cousins, which we nick named “Cheech and Chong”, drove us to Beijing Street in down town Canton for some Shopping. There were several Malls inundated with Shoppers, but I thought the priced were a bit inflated, so Linda and I saved ourselves for shopping in Shenzhen.
Our last day in Guangzhou led us to Sifu Wong Ni Yim’s anniversary party for his Father, Mei Gai Wong. There was plenty of food and entertainment while we were there. There were some wing chun students from Europe, plus the array of demonstrations were quite entertaining. There was a lot of pictures being taken over the day, also.
 We didn’t stay too long as half the group were suffering from food poisoning, so I thought it would be better to keep moving to our next destination, being the home of wing chun kung fu, Foshan.
The 4th leg of the tour will cover out rips from Foshan, going to Shunde, home of legendary Bruce Lee and wing chun grand master Chan Wah Shun.

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